We build Longform Stories for Companies.

As consumers, we’re wise enough to treat every advertisement with a huge grain of salt. The problem is that when businesses make their own advertisements, they do everything that would turn themselves off as a consumer. Don’t pile on the facts and features when you realize it doesn’t work anymore!

Although trends suggest we may be replaced by robots soon, for now your customers are still human beings. With needs, and feelings, and emotions. Those last two are important. This is where storytelling comes in. Good stories, crafted by experts—featuring continuous throughlines, context, and strategic use of narrative—have been proven to engage readers so they retain more information. They connect with your story. They become part of your story.

I know. That sounds weird. But it’s what Hollywood does, and it’s time marketers took a hint from Hollywood. We did.

Why Longform

What do you get with a Longform Story? You get a copy, animated graphics, video and audio segments—as well as content testing, using EEG-tracking to make sure it’s working. Everything you need to bring customers into your story.

Not sure you’ve got a story worth telling? You’re probably wrong. You just need some help figuring it all out. Scroll Studio works with you, through interviews and research, to assemble everything you’ve got and find what makes a memorable story (and we know, because we partner with a Hollywood screenwriter). Just like the best movies, your Longform Narrative will reach your audience on a deeper level. That’s what makes the difference.

Why this longform format? Why is Finding Nemo so long? Because it takes a while for relationships to develop and characters to bloom.

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Don’t trust us? Neither does our father-in-law. But at least we can change your mind.

Check out these Longform Stories we’ve done for other clients:


Longform Stories aren’t easy. And our Hollywood partner isn’t that cheap, believe-it-or-not. But we don’t skimp to meet a deadline, and that means our work is not priced for the bottom shelf. These also take a long time, so Scroll can only handle about three projects a-month. We recommend reaching out sooner than later.

The table to the right gives a ballpark for what you can expect. All Scroll projects are custom-tailored for clients, and costs will vary accordingly.

Custom story concept, design, research & text. Relevant photos & artwork.
Same + light video production, custom illustrations, on-site photography.
Same + on-site, professional video and photography, interactive media.
Continue a story arc, or create original concepts all-around—saving both time and funds.